Postpartum Services

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support

Offering Support at Home
$30 an hour/ Minimum of 4 hours

Overnight $35 an hour/8 hour shift

Postpartum support services include:

Guidance with newborn care: A Doula can help with breastfeeding support, with baby carriers, with hip-safe swaddling, and many other challenges of being new to parenthood that could seem foreign. 

Help with chores: The new mom's focus should be on rest, recovery, and learning her new baby. To help with the transition home, a postpartum doula can assist with daily chores such as laundry, dishes, cleaning up after toddlers, and helping prep meals. 

Help with resources: Sometimes both mom and baby need some outside help. A postpartum doula can help the family recognize when outside help is necessary, and provide numbers for  local professionals. 

Help with self-care: The best way a Mother can care for her family is by first caring for herself. Think airplane safety, you can't put the oxygen mask on others if you yourself have no oxygen. A doula can provide childcare while mother naps, showers, eats, or takes a moment to breathe. 

Help with siblings: Bringing a new baby home is a transition for everybody. A doula can help older siblings by providing individualized attention, encouraging safe ways for the sibling to be involved in caring for new baby, and by providing time for mother to spend some one on one time with the older sibling knowing the newborn is being cared for.